08/06: Lucy Freegard 'The Big Stink'
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08/06: Lucy Freegard 'The Big Stink'

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Charlie mouse is a career cheese criminal. Whether it’s pinching Parmesan, creeping off with Camembert or robbing Roquefort, he’s always up to no good, and just can’t keep his whiskers off his favourite food stuff. This time, he’s planning his biggest heist yet – to steal a cheesy sculpture from The Museum of Art! After a hair-raising break-in – creeping past cameras, dodging guards and avoiding gates – he reaches his stinky prize. But Officer Rita is soon on the case. Will Charlie get away with it this time..?
A witty, charming cat and mouse detective story with a surprising ending, and some humorous movie references thrown in for the grownups to enjoy!


Lucy will be in store for storytelling and craft time, please book tickets for kids only (parents welcome to stay). For kids 3+

Day: Saturday 8th June

Time: 10am

Tickets: £1 (redeemable on purchase of The Big Stink)


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