Saint, Crooks and Slavers by Peter Cullimore
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Saint, Crooks and Slavers by Peter Cullimore

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Peter and Sue Cullimore’s Georgian home in Bristol was shortlisted for the TV history programme A House Through Time. In the end, theirs wasn’t the one chosen. But it inspired them to become house history detectives themselves, and to offer us tips on researching the past of our own homes.

The couple delved into some amazing untold stories about people who’ve lived at 60 Fairfield Road over the centuries and up to the present.

They include: a shady French aristocrat whose parents were guillotined in the Revolution, a Quaker philanthropist who twice married into slave-owning families, and the Phippen sisters who ran schools for destitute girls. It’s also been Peter and Sue’s home for over 30 years.

Finding out about their many colourful predecessors was a steep learning curve and a lot of fun. Saints, Crooks and Slavers combines the history with their step-by-step guide on how to investigate where you live.


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