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'Nistisima' means fasting food - food eaten during lent and other times of fasting observed by those of Orthodox faith. Mostly this means giving up meat and dairy, and eating lots of fresh vegetables, pulses and grains in their stead. While this is not a religious cookbook, Georgina draws on the history and culture around nistisima to share the simple, often frugal, yet flavoursome recipes at the heart of the practice. During a time when so many of us are looking at our own diets and ways in which to live a simpler lifestyle, these recipes and traditions feel more relevant than ever. Recipes include manaqish swirled buns; spiced pumpkin and raisin pies; fried aubergine, tahini and molasses; grilled squash with herbs and dukkah; wild green stew; and pistachio and cardamom halva.

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