Santa's Secret Agents by Steve Gunning and Chris Wheeler
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Santa's Secret Agents by Steve Gunning and Chris Wheeler

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How does Santa know which children have been naughty or nice all year and truly deserve the presents on their Christmas lists? From Summer holidays to Halloween and everything in between, Santa's Secret Agents, under the command of Jolly Saint Nick (a.k.a. Double Ho 7) and Mrs Claus are always watching but where are they hiding?

This new children's picture book from debut authors Chris Wheeler and Steve Gunning, who also created the inventive and beautifully drawn illustrations, has all the makings of a cult-classic and will appeal to kids with inquisitive minds who wish to find out more about Santa, Mrs Claus and their team of covert secret agents.

Each page of witty rhyme and wonderfully detailed pictures means readers will want to revisit it again and again. A wonderfully engaging book that will encourage reading from an early age, the book appeals to children aged 6 and upwards and in particular 7-8 year olds and invites children to discover the magic and mystery of Christmas and the secret world of Santa and his crack(er) team of elves who can be found everywhere and are watching your every move.

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