Is it that time of year already?

store news

It seemed like only a few days ago that we were in the store, painting and decorating, worrying if we would open in time. That's all in the past now and the shop is open and receiving so much support from the community. 

We have an 'Adults Halloween' window done up in a scary crime scene (and many concerned customers asking if we'd been broken in to!) and we're about to showcase some wonderful Children's books for Halloween. 

As the leaves turn, so do the types of books we read. Heavier, hardback tomes are now out for Christmas (already!) and we have some wonderful recommendations in store. Be sure to check our the October edition of Bristol Life for some of our autumn favourites. 

If you haven't already signed up for our newsletter, please do, we have a schedule of events coming up and are excited to be able to share these with our subscribers before they are open to the public. 


Happy Autumn Reading, 


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